Canadian Personalized Mail – Admail

An Affordable Way to Reach a Targeted Audience

Personalized Mail (admail), a classification of Canadian Mail, is the most economical method of reaching a targeted audience in Canada. Admail is ideal for direct mail, catalogs, manuals, directories, promotional newsletters, contribution solicitations and listings that include personalized messages, yet also are promotional and uniform in content. It is a program provided by Canada Post for Standard Mail with a delivery of four to nine days in home. This service provides cost savings for the experienced volume mailer and the first time Canadian marketer when using IDS services.

International Delivery Solutions completes the mail entry process for you by owning the postal permit, preparing the mail statement, transporting to Canada, having a customs broker, and paying goods and services taxes.

Required Admail specifications are as follows:

Mail must contain addresses and display a uniform message.
Admail pieces must weigh less than three pounds for special handling (presort).
A minimum volume of 1,000 pieces for presort and 400 pieces for machineable mail.

Personalized Mail is broken down into two sortation categories:

Short and Long – Letter size mail
Oversize – Flat size mail

Addressed Ad Mail Weight and Size Limits

Capture Admail

The mail piece must contain a Canada Post indicia and addressing standards that includes a postal code, properly formatted for postal standards. Mail is prepared according to Canada Post standards, with proper mail sortation and containerization on pallets. The mailing list can be sorted for Special Handling presort savings and address accuracy verification, which ensures your mail is entered for the most efficient mail delivery and the maximum postage discounts.

Canadian Neighborhood Mail

Building Awareness through Targeted Direct Mail

Neighborhood Mail, i.e., Unaddressed Admail, is one of Canada Post’s targeted direct mail products. It consists of printed and non-printed matter, such as product samples, which are not addressed to a specific delivery address. Neighborhood mail can help build traffic to a business, develop relationships with groups of customers or advertise a special offer. You determine the postal code or letter carrier walk you would like to target, which can then be further defined to houses, apartments, businesses or farms. Delivery standards are three to nine across Canada.

Publications Mail

For Magazines, Newsletters and Newspapers

Publications Mail is one classification of Canadian Mail. It is specific to periodical mailings such as magazines, newsletters and newspapers with editorial content produced for the purpose of disseminating news and information to the public or subscribers. If a mail piece qualifies for the Periodicals Mail class in the USA, it qualifies as Publications Mail in Canada. The delivery standard for Publications Mail is between four and nine days in home.

Publications Mail specifications are as follows:
  • Periodical must be produced at least twice a year.
  • Publication must be addressed to a subscriber or non-subscriber.
  • Addressing requirements include a valid postal code, properly formatted for postal standards.
  • Piece must weigh a maximum of three pounds.
  • Publication must be produced with less than 70 percent space devoted to advertising in more than 50 percent of the issues in any 12-month period.
  • The minimum mail quantity is 50 copies. (To qualify for Special Handling presort savings, a minimum of 1,000 copies is required.)
  • Periodical must contain a Canada Post Publications Mail agreement number and Canadian return address.

International Delivery Solutions, as an experienced international courier and mail consolidator, can expedite delivery by setting up your Publications Mail according to Canada Post standards, with proper mail sortation and containerization on pallets. Your mailing list can be sorted for Special Handling presort savings and address accuracy verification, which ensures your mail will qualify for the most efficient mail delivery and the maximum postage discounts. IDS takes the headaches out of mail entry processes, by opening postal permits, preparing mail statements, and handling redirected, returned magazine undeliverable addresses.

Parcel Mail: Expedited or Xpresspost

Time Critical, Reliable Package Delivery Service

Canadian consumers want to buy from the USA, but they want to know what the final charges are going to be for shipping, duties and taxes. IDS can bridge any gaps in the process by consolidating and pre-clearing shipments.

Canada Post offers a Parcel Mail program for packages of printed material or merchandise that is reliable and accepted countrywide by any address including post office boxes. Large volume package mailers can take advantage of drop shipping for local rates and delivery times.

The primary Parcel Mail program is Expedited Parcel, a fast, reliable, cost-effective service for the delivery of packages within Canada. Packages are bar coded and traceable, (Tracking is available on the Internet). Coverage against loss or damage of $100 is included. Expedited Parcel service delivers the next business day in Ontario and Quebec, one to three business days regionally, and two to seven business days nationally between major Canadian centers.

If you need priority handling for your parcels, Xpresspost delivers within one to two days in larger cities in Canada.

IDS offers cost effective, time critical and reliable delivery for both Expedited and Xpresspost through the Canada Post delivery network.

Smartaddresser: Data Services – LCP Sorting Software

Increasing Address Quality and Efficiency

Prior to addressing your mail, International Delivery Solutions utilizes a serp qualified software program called Smartaddresser. This software ensures that mail contains all components of a deliverable address. Smartaddresser validates and corrects address lists and generates the Statement of Address accuracy required by Canada Post. This is the most reliable way to get mail delivered at the best possible postage rates.

Address Correction

Smartaddresser matches the address components of all records against the current Canada Post database. It then determines if any changes are required and implements those changes in compliance with Canada Post regulations.

Postal Presort

The software presorts correct addresses in accordance with Canadian Postal Standards as well as performing various lettermail, addressed admail and publication sorts. It also creates address, bundle and bag/container labels.

Letter Carrier Presort

Mailing lists are sorted for Canada Post letter carrier routes, for the lowest possible postage costs. Delivery is enhanced for lettermail, advertising and publications mail when mail preparation is of the highest quality. List services include:

  • Address Accuracy
  • Postal Code Correction
  • Address Correction
  • Merge Purge
  • Postal Presort
  • Canadian National Change of Address (NCOA)
Auxiliary Services include:
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Postal Indicia Applications via Inkjet or Label