Classes of Canadian Mail

Let us help you figure out which classification is the best fit for your mailing purposes in Canada. Options include:

  • Lettermail – Priority handling of mail, with delivery of three to seven days in-home. First class is for mail that needs fast delivery or is personal in nature. Lettermail pieces include: invoices, correspondence, annual reports, proxy statements, time sensitive printed matter and small packets.
  • Personalized mail – Standard Mail, with delivery of four to fifteen days in-home. Personalized mail or admail must weigh less than three (3) pounds, bare a uniform message and be addressed. This could include catalogs, direct mail, directories, manuals and listings.moving lettermail, parcels, ad mail, publications mail, and other Canada Post
  • Neighborhood mail – Unaddressed Ad Mail is one of Canada Post’s targeted direct mail products. It consists of printed and non-printed matter, such as product samples, which are not addressed to a specific delivery address.  Neighborhood mail can help build traffic to a business, develop relationships with groups of customers or advertise a special offer. You determine the postal code or letter carrier walk you would like to target, which can then be further defined to houses, apartments, businesses or farms. Delivery standards are three to fourteen days across Canada.
  • Publications Mail – Canada Post’s program for Periodical Mail, with delivery of four to fifteen days in-home. This is the mail class for magazines and newsletters with editorial content, and advertising that does not exceed 70 percent. Mail piece weight must be less than three pounds.
  • Parcel Mail – For packages of printed materials or merchandise. Large volume package mail offers drop shipping for local rates and delivery times. Categories include:
    • Expedited – Parcels are barcoded and traceable (tracking is available on the internet), with up to next day delivery, one to three days average parcel delivery in Ontario, and up to nine days in outlying provinces.
    • Premium and Express – For parcels with one to two days delivery in larger cities in Canada.
  • Shipping Services – Bulk skid delivery is available to any Canadian destination address.


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