International Mailing

Whether they are looking to send letters, flats, packets or packages to individuals or businesses outside of the United States and its territories, businesses require the reliable service of a trusted provider of international mailing service to ensure their items arrive at their destination. However, the market for global shipping providers can make it difficult for companies to identify a partner of choice.

For example, larger international mailing companies have the largest variety of services, but often at the cost of flexibility. Smaller mail delivery services may have the appeal of tailored shipping plans, but lack the scope of their larger counterparts and therefore are also not an ideal solution.

However, there is one international mailing provider that has the scope and range of services of the leading global shipping providers while remaining agile enough to tailor programs specially to our customers’ individual needs. Since 1999, International Delivery Solutions has established itself as the premier choice for international mailing and mail delivery services and we have helped companies in a variety of industries send their mail, whether they are mailing to Canada, India, Brazil or anywhere else.

Benefit from IDS’s customized and flexible international mail solutions

With International Delivery Solutions, clients can choose from an array of international mailing solutions that can be tailored to their own unique needs. As a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler, we are authorized to offer International Priority Mail, which is a fast and cost-effective way to transport nearly all types of mail weighing up to four pounds. Businesses that absolutely need to get a letter, catalog or small merchandise package overseas as quickly as possible benefit most from our International Priority Mail offering.

These are just a handful of the many services International Delivery Solutions can provide. Others include:

  • Air Printed Matter
  • Direct Entry
  • First Class Air Mail
  • Worldwide Parcel Delivery

Become one of IDS’s satisfied repeat customers

At International Delivery Solutions, we have developed beneficial relationships and partnerships with clients in a diverse array of industries, including the following:

  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Higher education
  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Retail

Customers praise our ability to improve transit times when mailing to Brazil, China or other faraway locations, while others have said our ability to offer flexible shipping solutions have aided them in times of pressing need. We have helped graphic designers, university newspapers and major national manufacturers all achieve effective international mailing solutions.

Why IDS is the premier choice for international mailing

Having been in business since 1999, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses that desire quick and affordable international mail services. As a result, it is our commitment at International Delivery Solutions to exceed customer expectations and deliver a more complete solution to our clients’ mail needs.

Global shipping may be a hassle with other providers, but via our shipping facilities in Missouri, Wisconsin and Niagara Falls, Canada, we are equipped to offer timely delivery services to clients sending mail anywhere in the world. International Delivery Solutions fills the gap between large package delivery companies with rigid and inflexible services and small mail delivery services that lack the scope of a legitimate global shipping provider.


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