Mailing to Canada

With Canada only a quick hop across the border, one would think it would be easy to do business with our neighbors to the north. However, as businesses that want to send publications, advertising materials or package to the Great White North sometimes discover, mailing to Canada can be more difficult than one would expect.

How does a business find an easy and cost-effective way to send mail to Canada without the headaches of customs clearance, taxes and postal permits? One way to accomplish this is by working with a trusted provider of Canadian mail services with significant experience in international mailing.

International Delivery Solutions is that provider, and since 1999 we have been a leader in providing cost-effective, speedy and secure mail delivery services to businesses around the globe. When shipping to Canada, business owners need to understand the unique types of Canadian mail services and parameters, and International Delivery Solutions offers clients the veteran experience of a leading international mail provider.

Understanding Canadian mail classifications

A number of options are available for businesses that wish to ship Canadian mail. By working with International Delivery Solutions, which has an experienced grasp of the different Canadian mail classifications outlined by Canada Post, businesses do not waste time or resources sending packages via the wrong channels. Instead, we consult with clients to point them in the direction of the best available mailing option for their needs.

Personalized Mail  – Admail – For standard mail deliveries weighing less than three pounds, this mailing option is ideal for catalogs, direct mail and manuals that must be delivered within a span of 4 to 9 days.

Lettermail – Ideal for invoices, regular correspondence or time-sensitive topics, this form of priority mail will deliver items to recipients within 2 to 7 days.

Parcel Mail – A great option for shipping merchandise or packaged materials, this form of Canadian mail includes an expedited option that allows for next-day delivery as well as premium and express services for one- or two-day delivery to larger Canadian cities.

Publications Mail – This form of Canadian mail sends publications weighing less than three pounds with editorial content – including newsletters or magazines – to the home within 4 to 9 days.

Shipping Services – Canadian mail can deliver bulk skid shipments to any address through this option.

Neighborhood Mail – Unaddressed Admail
 – A direct mail service that sends printed and non-printed items to non-specific addresses, which is a great way to send product samples or advertising materials to prospective customers.

How International Delivery Solutions can help you mail to Canada

International Delivery Solutions has helped businesses mail items to Canada using all of the above options for years, and we have developed the experience needed to quickly identify which service would best suit our customers. As a result, you save time and money by immediately accessing the right option for mailing to Canada.

We also take extra steps to ensure a high-quality of service for our customers. Our specialized data services sorts your mailing list to identify the ideal Canada Post letter carrier routes for each package, thus cutting down on postage costs.

Rely on International Delivery Solutions for international mailing services

Our Canadian Processing Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario offers access to addresses across Canada, and as a result, International Delivery Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your business expand its influence into this country. We also have offices in Wisconsin, Florida and Missouri, ensuring maximum coverage for clients who need to ship around the country.


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