Packaging and Addressing International Mail

At International Delivery Solutions, we have made it a commitment to provide business clients with effective international mailing solutions, whether our clients are mailing to Canada, Asia, Europe or anywhere else in between.

However, we also understand the importance of offering a full level of services to businesses that require additional mailing support. That is why we also provide leading solutions to clients that need help addressing international mail or desire the tracking support of experienced package delivery companies.

Contact International Delivery Solutions to discover how we can aid your business with pre-delivery concerns. Our packaging and addressing services including the following options:

Custom hand assembly – We can package mailing kits on our clients’ behalf, and because we assemble these packages by hand, our clients can trust that their sensitive materials are not mishandled or mistreated during the packing process.

High-speed inkjetting – At International Delivery Solutions, we value technologies and techniques that favor cost-efficiency and a high level of productivity for our customers. This is why we use high-speed inkjet printing to deliver quality services when addressing international mail.

Label printing and affixing – We can print and affix labels that meet the mailing requirements of any country or municipality, helping to streamline our clients’ mailing needs and ensure their packages aren’t held up because of improper label practices.

Logo scan and drop – At International Delivery Solutions, we can aid in your business’ branding efforts, ensuring your company’s logo is affixed on every package you send to important clients, customers and contacts.

Multiple character fonts – Our ability to address international mail and produce labels in a variety of character fonts offers client an additional branding opportunity and the chance to ensure their printed mailing materials align with their business’ existing font choices.

Personalization – Make a statement with your printed mailing material by personalizing packaging and addressing. International Delivery Solutions can consult and deliver on a number of personalized mailing solutions.

Take advantage of our high-speed polybagging service

Does your company need a reliable way to package certain items that are being sent abroad? At International Delivery Solutions, we offer access to high-speed polywrap equipment that can process packaging tasks quickly and efficiently. With custom inserting, you can make your packaging task unique, and the speedy turnaround of our polybagging service means we can process a high number of packages in a short amount of time.

Ensure your packages reach their destination with fulfillment and tracking services

Our full range of fulfillment services steps in to provide clients with assistance for key international mailing functions, including the following:

  • Inventory control
  • Package assembly
  • Package mailing

Once your package is ready to be delivered, we offer the ability to track your items with a variety of comprehensive package tracking services. As a result, businesses that send printed materials, publications, packages or parcels with International Delivery Solutions have direct visibility into the location of their goods and retain the confidence knowing each item has reached its destination.


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